Stamina Foods for the Summer – Grilled Eels and Mudfish Soup

Eels are a high protein food that are rich is essential amino acids. They contain 150 times as much Vitamin A compared to other fishes, and are effective for eliminating oxygen free radicals, protecting the eye, preventing cancer, and promoting growth and fertility.

In particular, eels are high in omega 3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA), which help prevent adult diseases, form brain cells and neural tissue, and lower the cholesterol level.

Eels are high in cholesterol compared to other fishes, but since eels also contain unsaturated fatty acids and tocopherols, the cholesterol is flushed out of the system. Eels are also high in minerals such as iron and calcium, and the B vitamins help with the digestion.

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Mudfish boosts stamina, gives energy, and helps replenish water, and are also rich in calcium and protein.

The sticky coating on the mudfish’s skin mostly consists of mucin, which protects the digestive tract and helps with digestion. Mucin is also contained in animals or vegetables such as snakes, snails, frogs, and yams, but the mudfish is the best and safest source of mucin because wild animals may be infected with germs. Mudfish contains lots of calcium, and the Chueotang, or spicy mudfish soup, is especially high in calcium as it is made with ground whole mudfish.Unlike most fish or meats, the mudfish contains a lot of vitamin A, which helps protect the skin, enhances resistance against germs, and builds up mucous tissue in the respiratory system. The fish contains unsaturated fat, helping to prevent adult diseases.

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